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Protect the Environment

Because we care about Sabah’s nature, MabulDivers.com supports WWF by helping to organize Mabul Marine Week.

Please read the following article to be informed of our action.


Mabul Marine Week: Mabul Dive Centres and Resorts Come Together for the Environment

The 2012 Mabul Marine week was an amazing success thanks to all the foundations, departments, operators and community who took part.

During the Mabul Marine Week, dive operators came closer together for the good of the environmental. This year, 10 resorts and dive operators, local government units, and WWF-Malaysia, led by the District Office of Semporna, worked together to plan and implement the event, which involves the local community on Mabul Island, a community that numbers over 2000. The first three days of Mabul Marine Week highlighted the true spirit of team work.

Activities including beach and underwater clean-ups, coral transplanting, environmental education targeting school children, and cultural dance performances, were jointly organized and carried out.

An exhibition by WWF-Malaysia was held, emphasizing issues threatening the marine environment. Issues such as unsustainable development, destructive fishing and irresponsible diving behaviors which, unless addressed is detrimental to everyone on the island.

Throughout the rest of the week, tourism operators on the island continued to hold their own events, which included, amongst others, conservation talks by scientists, clean-ups and coral transplanting.

These operators have contributed generously by providing human resources, facilities (for example, the use of their boats to ferry rubbish collected to mainland Semporna) and financial support (for prizes, t-shirts for the community, and food & beverages) required.


  • Beach and Underwater Clean-up
  • Environmental Education
  • Coral Transplanting
  • Cultural Performance
  • Health Check


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