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The Joys Of Diving

As a diver, you are weightless and can move in all directions. You approach the freedom of a bird as you move in three dimensions in a fluid environment. Diving weightless in clear water in a forest of underwater plants with sunlight streaming down is only one of many unforgettable experiences awaiting you.

When you descend beneath the surface of the water, you enter an entirely new and beautiful world. You have opportunities to see incredible life forms that only a few people ever see. Imaging swimming in a giant aquarium, and you can get a glimpse of what you can expect to experience in the underwater world.

Just as there are mountains, plains, and differing environments above the surface of the water, there are differing environments for you to experience underwater. Coral reefs, kelp forest, incredible rock formations and other natural wonders await divers in various geographical regions. Add to this piers, jetties, quarries, mysterious shipwrecks and other artificial structures, and you can easily see how the variety of underwater sights is limitless. There is more to view underwater than anyone could possibly see in a lifetime.

Diving is a sharing activity, and there is much to share. If you enjoy traveling, you will love diving. Most divers plan one or more diving vacations each year. The feelings and sensations of diving are fantastic but are difficult to explain. Words are inadequate to describe the peaceful solitude of “inner space”. Diving contributes to good health, can help reduce work-related stress, can increase self-esteem, and can make you feel great!

You will soon experience the emotions and sensations for yourself. You then will begin to know the joys of diving.

(From The Book Titled ‘SCUBA DIVING’ by Dennis K. Graver)


PADI Dive Courses

Our dive centre is registered as PADI Dive Centre #21701.

Our dive centre offers a full range of diving classes from starting to dive up to advanced and all the way to Divemaster.

Our experienced instructors will help you start your underwater adventure!

Languages: English, Polish, Malay and Chinese.

We guarantee you a100% personalized attention to suit your individual student needs.

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Start Diving – PADI Beginner Courses

Take your first breaths underwater and discover an exciting and unique experience.

Whether you are staying for a day or for a long holiday, SipadanBorneo.com instructors will be ready to launch your diving adventure.

Open Water Diver Course (4 days): The most popular course at SipadanBorneo.com Dive School. Being an ‘Open Water Diver’ means you will be certified to dive anywhere including Sipadan Island.

Discover Scuba Diving (half day): Perfect if you only have an afternoon free and want to dive shallow coral gardens around Mabul Island.

Diving Programmes for Kids: Your 8-year old (or older) kid can learn to dive with our instructors.


PADI Advanced Courses

Improve your diving skills and enjoy new diving experiences.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course (2 days): This course allows you to experience more underwater. Choose among 5 specialties. The most popular are Deep Diving (get certified up to 30 meters), Peak Performance Buoyancy (help protect Sipadan), Night Diving, Navigation and Wreck Diving.

Specialty Diver Courses: Further education for enthusiastic divers.

  • Deep Diving
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy (help protect Sipadan reef)
  • Night Dive
  • Fish ID (learn your fishies)
  • Multi Level & Computer
  • Underwater Naturalist
  • Search & Recovery
  • Nitrox (Enriched Air)
  • Equipment specialty
  • Wreck Dive
  • Digital Underwater Photography
  • Digital Underwater Videography

EFR – Emergency First Response (half day): Become A More Confident Diver. First aid and CPR course.

RESCUE Diver (4 days): Be able to help your dive buddies efficiently.


Become a PRO-Diver

Become a professional diver. A Career in Tropical Paradise!

  • PADI Divemaster Course
  • PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

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