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Diving Hotels & Resorts

We can arrange your stay at our over-the-water longhouse or at any other Luxury Resort on Mabul island or Kapalai.

We are a full registered PADI Dive Center located on Mabul island.


‘Mabul Budget’ Backpackers Longhouse Resort

Why pay more when you can get a budget holiday for RM 90 per day including meals? Introducing our very own Mabul Backpackers Longhouse Resort.

  • Stay with us on Mabul in a relaxing Borneo atmosphere.
  • Inclusive of Breakfast, lunch, dinner (buffet style).
  • Free coffee, tea, drinking water and fruits.
  • Shared / Private bathroom.
  • PADI scuba diving courses, guided boat dives and snorkel trips
  • Night water safari: Seahorses, turtles, octopus, shrimps are visible under our Mabul longhouse.

Mabul Luxury Resorts

We can book for you any of the following luxury resort at a discounted rate:

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