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Let’s Dive Sipadan! Permits Available!

Sipadan & Mabul Diving Packages – Come Dive With Us Today!

Welcome to Sipadan Island, Sabah Malaysia. Sipadan is indeed a legend in diving circles, rising from a depth of more 600 meters from the bottom of the Celebes Sea, 45 minutes by speedboat from the town of Semporna – it is just a small island. This oceanic island rises as a pristine coral mount from the floor, to provide some of the world’s most awesome sceneries of marine life. More than 3,000 species of fish and hundreds of coral species have been identified in these ecosystems.

With the top of long-lost lava chimney from a prehistoric volcano, its topside is covered by a large and thick tropical forest and ringed by a sandy beach. Just 15 feet from the beach, the water turns indigo blue as the sea drops abruptly to 2,850 feet deep! It is rather awe-inspiring to see myriad of colorful tropical fish swim in warm water near the water surface. Moreover, the water gets so dark that you can hardly see or know what lurks below.


sipadan & mabul diving packages
Sipadan & Mabul Diving Packages
Come Dive With Us Today!

Sipadan Island was established as a bird sanctuary in 1933 and in 2004, the Government of Malaysia has decided that all onsite dive resort operators are to move their operations out of Sipadan Island by 31st December 2004. The island is open for divers from 6am to 4pm – no night dives are allowed. The number of divers allowed to dive in Sipadan daily has also been limited to 120 pax in an effort to preserve the island’s pristine state.

So, next to Sipadan is Mabul Island. Located only about 15 minutes by speedboat from the famous Sipadan Island, Mabul has gained its own recognition as one of the best muck-diving (a term used to describe limited visibility dives at shallow sites with usually sandy bottoms) sites in the world.

Mabul is also renowned for its amazing array of macrolife, making it an underwater photographer’s dream location to capture some of the rarest ecological species on film. Flamboyant cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopus, spike-fin gobies, frogfish and moray eels are just some of the spectacular critters you will encounter beneath the waters of Mabul.

SipadanBorneo.com operates at The Dragon Inn Floating Resort from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm daily. From here, you can book your stay at Mabul Island with attractive packages. We offer you many choices for your perfect holiday, we do arrange two (2) options of accommodation on Mabul island from backpacker homestay and luxury resorts. A dive trip, snorkeling, honeymoon, dive courses or just relaxing by the beach.

Fancy for a Diving Courses? Our dive centre is registered as PADI Dive Centre #21701. sipadanborneo.com offers a full range of diving classes from starting to dive up to advanced and all the way to Divemaster. Our experienced instructors will help you start your underwater adventure!

So get in touch, CLICK HERE to book your holiday package with us today! If you are searching for ‘sipadan diving’ via google or other search engines, then THIS IS the place to be!

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